Wayne (Reed) Knazek

Two MAJOR changes . . .

1). Thanks to Special Member Roy Collingwood!
Roy renamed all of the files to full song names! All
1,315 of them! Song titles now make sence. That
was many hours work!

Thanks so much, Roy!

2). Now the songs are all in list format! Individual 
songs are listed in their categoty, along with a ZIP
file of the whole category, with the songs now named!

Take a look! This is a lot easier to search for BIAB songs
with them listed now with full titles, and broken out of the
zip files!  Plus the search tool will be able to find them!

Hope you all like the chnges (and addition of the BIAB files
on the site).


PS: I only have the BIAB section linked in the Member's
Directory Page table for now.