Hmmmm . . . Re: [MIDKAR] Creating with Yamaha keyboard for MIDKAR acceptability

Wayne (Reed) Knazek

Did I just actually say . . . "We haven't had hardly any"? Doh! Make that
We haven't had many. LOL Like Roy says . . . 2 negs make a positive! HA!


On Wednesday, May 25, 2022, 08:55:29 PM EDT, Wayne (Reed) Knazek via <thenettrainer@...> wrote:

Hey Dave, thanks for your generous offer!

If you would post a few "typical" midis, let the group try them out.
See how they work with TOH or what ever other options thry're using.
We can get a base line established. 

It'd be GREAT if you'd post some of your work to the group!  We all
look for daily posted MIDIs. We haven't had hardly any Gospel or
inspirational MIDIs posted for a long time.  Two of our long time friends
and members have passed.

Also, once we know if, or what we need to do the the MIIs to work
for most of the members, I'll get them up on the site asap. You can
zip them up (if you can) and get them to me.

Please be sure your info is in the files. At least your name.


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On Wednesday, May 25, 2022, 07:29:48 PM EDT, Geoffrey Carter via <geoffcarter2004@...> wrote:

Hi Dave,

I also have a Yamaha PSR S910 sequencing keyboard, but nowadays, I sequence using Anvil Studio and the latest TOH which includes XG/GM/GS etc. I sequence the files on my PC with TOH and set the individual track note volumes to 70 and adjust individual track volumes depending on the instrument selected. If I set the individual track volumes to 100, the resulting MIDI file is too loud for the Yamaha Keyboard.

I have plenty of sequences made on Yamaha Sequencers or other programs. The latest TOH is compatible with XG. Sometimes I need to re-adjust track volumes of some Yamaha files so that they sound perfect.

By all means please post some files, we need some more sequencers to join the group.


On Thursday, 26 May 2022, 03:37:15 GMT+7, Dave Nuttall <dnuttall@...> wrote:

I've been creating backing tracks and sequences of hymns and southern/country gospel using Yamaha keyboards.  Nearly everything that I've done might be of interest to the MIDKAR community but I have resisted posting because I know that a large number of contemporary Yamaha voices do not sound good with ToH, GM, etc.

In the Yamaha community, there are programs which will convert the voicing's to XG but the results don't sound very good when I listen.

Is there anyone in the group who also sequences with Yamaha but can "output" MIDIs that MIDKAR members will accept?   I have upwards of 200 sequences that I can/will make available.

FWIW, my older sequences were done on a PSR-S910 but the past 3 years have been on Genos.

Your public or private remarks/ideas will be welcomed.



San Antonio, Texas