sticky HELP! So much more to offer!!!

Wayne (Reed) Knazek

Groups.IO has SO MUCH MORE to offer group members than you're used to
with the Yahoo Groups!

And you can learn all about them if you'll spend some time reviewing the HELPS.

Want to add your name in your profile, change your email address? Want to
add in a brief BIO?  Don't know how to mark some topics, how to "not see"
all messages or topics? Want to add your picture'/avatar to the group? It's
all under Setting Preferences.

It's all there, in a highly organized HELPS menu.

There is SO MUCH we can do in this Group!

Life is a learning experience from day 1, until . . . .
Add to your knowledge base. Spend some time
in the HELPS pages!

As Monk used to say . . . You'll thank me later! LOL