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Bob glad that you are feeling better!! stay strong!!!! i thank you for all you friendship
all those years we love you kosmas susan from Mexico!! kisses

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Give Robert my best wishes. I pray God will bless him through this experience. The them for the Methodist Church hee in the UK this year is what wee John Wsley's probable last words: The best of all is that God is with us.
May that be Robert's experience

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Just in . . .

Robert had his first chemo 11 days ago, and is now feeling great!
He has 3 more treatments to go. Says the food in the hospital is
unbelievably good!  He's been in the hospital since Dec 7.

He's been using his cell phone for email, etc.. But has poor signal.
So he only gets on sporadically at best.

If anyone would like to pass on a message to Robert, you can post
it, and I'll copy all posts into one easy to read email for him to review.
It'll be easier for him to read one email.

As always, Stay Safe!!  Wayne

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