sticky Heart and Soul: MidKar Memories Ideas

Wayne (Reed) Knazek

New Ideas . . . Thanks to Dick & Jane Schmitt for this spark!

A lot of our members are Boomers.  We have a lot of "history" we can share.  I know a couple of our members who could share VOLUMES!
I've been a performing/studio musician since the mid 60's. So you KNOW I have stuff to share! (Or . . . maybe not share! LOL)
Many members are younger. Some might not relate to our stories. But perhaps many would be interested to hear some of our stories, shenanigans,
anecdotes etc. from the past.
I think if we all just posted these stories to our main group, maybe some members would be turned off a bit. Maybe too many long posts not really midi related.
Should we start a MidKar Remembers group, and then add links from the site? Maybe even add Memories to our MidKar site?
I'd be open to the idea of adding pix or our members to the MidKar site, with links to their BIO AND memories posts! 

We could have a Topic of the Week. Then members could post to that topic.
Maybe just start a Memories group, not necessarily a MidKar group. And invite those who join Memories to join Midkar?
Input, ideas and comments welcome!!!  Wayne

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