The MidKar Cafe'

What is the MidKar Cafe'? It's a place to casually share your interests outside

of the "Music/MIDI Only" / "stay on topic" guidelines.  EX: The other day I really

wanted to share something with the group. Not music related. Something cool

relating to old, cheesy Sci-Fi movies. I wanted to. But I did not. Because although

it wasn't monetized, it wasn't appropriate information. So I held off. But I could

post that Sci-Fi info in the MidKar Cafe'!


Grab a cup of coffee, and join the table! Sit around and talk about some of your

favorite interests. Love Sci-Fi movies? Got a hobby other than music? Do you

make and/or sell arts and crafts? Do you make wood projects?  Make guitars?


This subgroup isn't a place to send "ads" about your MLM or Network Marketing

program. But it IS a place where you can discuss your hobbies, or your side biz



Members in this subgroup are allowed to openly let other members know what

they're into. But not "repeatedly". As in, this isn't a place to SPAM members by

posting your biz over and over! But an occasional "chit chat" message is fine!


Members who would like to have their hobby or side projects listed on the new

MidKar Cafe' Web Page on the MidKar site should submit info to the Owners or

Moderators of MidKar Group. Include sufficient info so we can look it over and

decide if it's appropriate for the site.


Once again . . . This is not a source to advertise MLMs or NM programs. Let's

keep this casual! You can post about (discuss with the Cafe') things like . . .


I'm a retired engineer and I freelance writing code for . . .

I just wrote my first book! It's about . . .

I have a crafts shop, and I make/sell . . .

I'm really into helping the homeless, and am involved in a project that . . .

I make wood projects for musicians. All kinds of stuff like . . .

I make voice overs as a side project, and am currently . . .


That kinda thang! LOL Something you'd like to share with the group that

could be of interest to the group. You can tell us more about who you are!

What you're into. Just like sitting around a table at a cafe' and chatting with



However, these posts will ONLY go to other MidKar Cafe' subgroup subscribers!

And I suggest making another MidKar folder and filter for the Cafe'. I suspect this will

help motivate our "not so active" members to get involved. So there could be many posts.


So, want to share more about who you are, what you do? Please feel welcome to join

us at the Cafe'!


Questions? You can email the Mods, or me personally if you need more info.


Not sure if your post would be appropriate? Please ask first!


Let's share!  Wayne

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