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MidKar  4/4/2004 . . . 18th YEAR AND STILL GROWING!  MidKar has functioned for 17 years with no issues! Become a part of this great group! Moderated by a team of professionals!

Welcome to The MidKar Group! - “The best place to collect MIDI and Karaoke files”. Collect MIDI, learn how to sequence, learn how to make backing tracks for your live performances! Learn about music theory!!!  Ask questions, and get answers from real pros! Request a MIDI Can't find one you're looking for? In most cases one of our Pro sequencers will make one for you! Plus you have access to the best MIDI sound fonts ever created! Your MIDIs will sound SO MUCH BETTER with these sound fonts! Free, created by one of our members . . . for MidKar!  Timbres Of Heaven  (TOH)

As a MidKar Gorup Member, you can download MIDIs from our Web site. Request MIDI/Karaoke files, and share information with other members. We are a MIDI community!

You may post from your collection (up to 5 MIDIs per day). See restrictions below! There's a reason we've been able to do this for 17 years with no issues!

And we're much more than a place to collect or share MIDI files! We're a MIDI community! You can also learn from seasoned pros! Learn all about MIDI. Creating or editing MIDI files.Making backing tracks for live performances. Have a question about MIDI, sequencing, or music in general? Just ask!! We have members and mods who are performing, professional musicians and sequencers, and have been using MIDI for 20 years or more! And they will always answer your questions!

Our members also have access to the most powerful, best sounding SoundFont ever created! Timbres Of Heaven! Created by one of our engineer members. MidKar members can download the SoundFont for free! Your MIDIs will sound incredibly better using these SFs.

This group operates under certain restrictions. We have been working together for 17 years with no issues! We follow the rules! You follow the rules!

1. No commercial or professional files are to be posted. (Moderators will ban members from the list after one warning).

2. No stripped files. Posted MIDIs must have embedded information, with at least the sequencer's name.

3. Remixed, reworked MIDIs are allowed, but must include both the name of the person doing the remix/rework, and the original sequencer's name, if known, embedded in the file.

4). Keep on topic! We do not post commercial, business, political or religious content. And this is a FAMILY FRIENDLY forum! Keep it nice! Be considerate. Please do not make comments RE current
political, religious, or other current events that are in any way controversial. We do not want such talking points and/or opinions to become discussions in our posts.

Please try to actively participate in this group as much as you can. Post files (in accordance with the rules above) and make comments. ASK QUESTIONS! We want the MidKar experience to be one that will have you coming back for more.

Note to our gleaners
You're welcome to join only to find MIDIs you can't find anywhere else. We have over 40,000' (Plus 1,315 BIAB files and 23 User Styles!) But please, when you DL a MIDI from our site, and find you like it, post a quick THANKS! to the group. Thank the sequencer. Make a comment. Get involved! Play some of the weekly music trivia games!

Once again, Welcome to MidKar!

Robert, Bob, Geoff & Wayne, MidKar Owners & Moderators
Wayne (Reed) Knazek MidKar.com site owner

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